Who We Are

We listen. We learn. We decide. From talking and taking down ideas to posting on Instagram and planning events, MYC is all about you and me!
MYC is a youth-led initiative supported by adults and community organizations.

At MYC, we help each other discover our own interests and gain new skills. We meet with community leaders and learn how to make positive change. There are lots of opportunities to give back to our community and help others. Most of all, we help each other get through these tough times and have FUN!


Teen Ambassadors lead the group and are in charge of sign ups, social media, planning events and whatever else this group decides.


The Y-CATS (Youth Coalition Adult Team Supports) are a group of adults from the community that help us raise funds for events, listen to our ideas, give us feedback, and cheer us on. These volunteers are from CBI, Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio/Coalition for a Healthy Middletown, Middletown City Schools, YMCA, MidPointe Library, and local churches …


Resources check this page out to get more info on how to quit vaping, find someone to talk to, get help with finding food pantries, and more. Did we leave anything out? Please help us grow this list of resources.


Events tab is where to find out what is going on in the community. We will plan many of these activities and share others that we might be interested in. Look for the icons to know what each activity falls under. We decided that these 4 areas are important to us:


Skills – The more we are prepared for after high school, the easier it will be. We learn about all kinds of things from jobs and resumes to how to cook or edit videos, maybe even how to juggle. Anything you want to learn falls in this category.


Leadership - Learning to lead is a big part of life, and learning from others is the place to start. Adults in our community invest their time to help us get there.


Volunteer – Many of us need volunteer hours for school stuff and we can get those here. It always feels good to help others, and there is at least one opportunity each month to do that.


Social – This is the best part! We spend time with our friends doing all kinds of things! Building positive relationships helps keep us connected!

Meet DeAnna and Jeff who are onsite to help!!!
DeAnna Shores - Project Coordinator

Hello, I work as the Project Coordinator for the Coalition for a Healthy Middletown. I have served the Middletown community for many years, working in education, prevention, and mental health. I serve on the Middletown Area YMCA Board and the Middletown Visitors Bureau Board. One of my greatest skills is in bringing people together toward common goals. My primary goal with MYC is to build the virtual hub for youth-led initiatives and increase the connection between youth and adults.

"Working with young people keeps me focused on building a better future. It is all about them, and what they believe they have the power to achieve."

Deanna 2.jpg
Jeff Wilder - Youth Advocate

Hello, my name is Jeff Wilder. I am the Youth Advocate for MYC. I have served the community, of Middletown, for many years through my service to Boy Scouts of America, education, and prevention. In addition, I serve on the Middletown Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) and am a Board Member for the Interfaith Clothes Closet. Also, I am an active member of the Middletown Area Ministerial Alliance and the Associate Pastor of First Christian Church as well as an advisor for Scouting in Middletown. 


But one of my favorite roles is in working and helping people, especially youth, find their passion and direction.  My primary goal with MYC is to help build the virtual hub for youth-led initiatives and increase the connection between youth and adults.

"I enjoy working with youth BECAUSE seeing a young person realize their potential is the most rewarding thing to me. It allows me to give someone the one thing, as a youth, I did not have... someone to encourage and believe in me."